Connecting families with local farmers

Because finding fresh, local produce should be easy.

Support Your Local Farmers

Promote Your Farm

What is Traveling Roots?

At Traveling Roots, our goal is to help connect people to local farms by providing an easy way to locate one near you. 

Making it easier for you to support your local farmers

Our website was created to provide:

    • Consumers with an easy way to find local farms and their products
    • Farmers with a way to promote and sell their products

We are here to guide families with easy access to nutrient dense local food for your families. Stop wondering where to find locally grown food and search for a farm near you now.

Providing you with fresh, healthy food choices

You want healthier options, grown by local farmers you can trust. We understand.

Traveling Roots believes knowing where your food comes from is important. It is why we are so passionate about connecting families with local farmers.

When you buy food directly from the farmer, it’s fresh, healthy, and tastes better, too!

Did you know?

Most produce in the US is picked 4 to 7 days before being placed on supermarket shelves.

US grown products are shipped for an average of 1500 miles before being sold.

Purchasing from your local farm puts 100% of the money right back to the farm. Compared to shopping at the grocery store where a very low percentage actually gets back to the farmer.

The roots are what connects us

Underneath the ground is an often overlooked, complex system where our food begins – the roots.

The roots you stand on are the roots that give life to your local farms. Traveling Roots is here to extend those connections throughout Wisconsin.

From the farmer’s fields to your kitchen table.